Sol Food Mobile Farm:  Bringing the Farm to You
by Ruth Eckles
Childhood friends Dylan Hammond, Reid Rosemond, Ellen Duda and Eliza Bordley have been dreaming about taking a bus cross-country ever since they were freshmen in high school.
“It seemed like a crazy idea until we got the bus,” says Hammond, “but once we got it, it almost demanded that we do something with it.”
Originally envisioned as a joy ride of sorts, the dream has evolved into the Sol Food Mobile Farm; a mission that combines their mutual love of outdoor adventure, travel, teaching, community, farming and green building practices.  The bus was made possible by their fiscal sponsor Zomppa, a non-profit passionate about connecting food and community.

The Sol Food Mobile Farm runs on waste vegetable oil and is retrofitted with solar panels, waste water collection tanks, a green roof, wood burning stove, greenhouse, and a livable interior constructed with recycled materials.  The non-profit has just embarked on a 6-month national tour with a mission to provide children and young adults with hands-on gardening experience, connecting them to the origins of their food.  They aim to build 10 community gardens at schools and community centers in 10 major cities—-for free. 
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